Frequently Asked Questions

At Lucky Dog, our goal is to provide fun activities for our doggy campers and offer convenient services for their owners. We do our best to make sure Lucky Dog is not only fun for your pooch but economical for you.

If you would like more information, please call us at (608) 249-5892.

What is doggy daycare?

Doggy daycare is a place for your dog to enjoy life while you are away. It includes play time, nap time, all while enjoying the company of our staff and other dogs. It also includes playing in our doggy pool, playing in our fenced in play area and a private kennel.

What are daycare times?

Campers can be dropped off any time after 6:00 AM and must be picked up by 6:00 PM. Weekdays only. We also ask that you do not pick your dog up during naptime, which is 11:30 to 1:30PM.

What is the daycare environment like?

Lucky Dog’s daycare program is a play group for dogs, supervised by counselors and provides a safe, stimulating environment for your pet while you work or go on vacation. We have play equipment they can use for exercise, and we’ll also take them on walks, give them massages, or let them swim in the pool during summer. We also let them play with other dogs and we’ll help them remember obedience commands. Our outdoor fenced-in yard allows your dog to run and play with their friends. When the weather is poor, we have an indoor facility where they can continue to play. Your dog will have many happy hours socializing with other dogs, and they’ll be tired and calm when you get done with a long day of work.

Is daycare right for my dog?

Our customers choose Lucky Dog Daycare for a number of reasons. Some drop them off so they can play with other dogs; others work all day and don’t want their dog to be alone. This can be a cure to destructive behavior caused by separation anxiety of boredom. Studies have shown that shy dogs improve their socialization skills with other dogs and people. It’s also a good way for overweight dogs to get in shape.

What criteria must my dog meet?

Your dog must be friendly to other dogs and people. Puppies can start daycare at 14 weeks. If your dog is older than 6 months, it must be spayed or neutered. Your dog must have proof of all up to date vaccinations—Distemper, Rabies, Bordatella—and be on a flea control program. They must also pass a yearly fecal test (which must be taken no earlier than 30 days before their first visit).