Camper of the Month

Each month, Lucky Dog awards one lucky camper the coveted title of Camper of the Month. We give this award each month to the camper who displays the best attitude, has the biggest grin, and (most of all) has the most fun! Your four-legged friend could be our next Camper of the Month: look here each month for our latest honoree! Each dog who earns this award receives a free day of camp and a yummy treat.

Cooper and Penny

Hey Guys, the name’s Cooper! I’m a seven years young yellow Lab! I’ve been a camper for six years now, and I’m still as rough and tumble as they come! Wanna play ball? Go on, take it! Hah, too slow, can’t catch me! I’m just playin’, I’m just playin’ – See, when I get here in the morning I play hard. Gotta zoom, gotta swim – speaking of water, it’s my favorite thing! Kiddie pool, big pool… heck, get the hose out and I’ll play in that water too! Don’t get me wrong, I like to chill too. They say I go from zero to sixty then back to zero. Unlike my sister, Penny who’s only ever at sixty… I think she’s dying to meet you. Thanks for the chat!

Hi! Hi! HI! I’m Penny! My brother just told you that, but now it’s my turn to tell you all about me! I’m a four-year-old French bulldog. I started at Lucky Dog when I was just seven- months-old! My brother showed me around and now I show him around. Cooper wants to hang out on the pool deck, like all day, but I want to run around and see everything and everyone. I get kinda excited sometimes… well, all the time. Oh my gosh, do you have a ball? Look at mine! I never put it down. Ever. The human’s call me “little torpedo” because I’m small and super duper fast. Don’t let it fool ya though, because I’m just like the big dogs. I can run, chase, and body slam just like the big boys. Speaking of big boys, I love my brother more than any dog in the whole world– I should go check in with him. See ya!

Congratulations Cooper and Penny! As Camper of the Month, you will receive a free day of daycare and a treat of your choosing!