Camper of the Month

Each month, Lucky Dog awards one lucky camper the coveted title of Camper of the Month. We give this award each month to the camper who displays the best attitude, has the biggest grin, and (most of all) has the most fun! Your four-legged friend could be our next Camper of the Month: look here each month for our latest honoree! Each dog who earns this award receives a free day of camp and a yummy treat.


They say it’s the season of love, and I’m the biggest lovebug of them all! My name is Abby, aka Abby-gator, aka your newest & bestest friend. I’m a seven-year-old golden retriever and I’ve been making new friends at Lucky Dog since 2018! Dogs are okay, but my heart belongs with the people. I like sitting on their feet and staring lovingly into their eyes… to hypnotize them into petting me. Sometimes, I like putting it in reverse, booty backwards under their legs to achieve the ultimate prize, butt scratches! When I stomp my little feet they laugh and laugh, and keep on scratchin’, see hypnotism works! I think they are all my valentines this year, sigh, I love, love © Speaking of my loves, I see them gazing longingly from afar so I must be off. They have feet that need warming and cuddles for me to give!


Congratulations Abby! As Camper of the Month, you will receive a free day of daycare and a treat of your choice!