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2855 Capital Dr • Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Sun Prairie's Premiere Place For Dogs


Greg Altman founded Lucky Dog Daycare™ in 1998, with a handful of dogs and a dream: give our furry friends something to bark about during the day while their owners are at work. Today, that dream has become a reality and then some. With approximately 40 campers each day, Lucky Dog Daycare™ has become Madison, Wisconsin's premiere place for dogs to socialize, exercise, and basically have good old-fashioned fun. Lucky Dog's staff of counselors is committed to providing a safe, supervised, and (most of all!) stimulating environment for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. In addition, Lucky Dog Daycare™ makes an ever-growing list of services (from conveniences such as nail-trimming up to fun stuff like treats and training!) available to their campers.

Camper of the Month

Each month, Lucky Dog awards one lucky camper the coveted title of Camper of the Month. We give this award each month to the camper who displays the best attitude, has the biggest grin and (most of all) has the most fun! Your four-legged-friend could be our next Camper of the Month: look here each month for our latest honoree! Each dog who earns this award receives a free day of camp and a yummy Kool Dog Ice Cream Treat.

Camper of the Month

Hello brethren! I am Jackson, aka Action Jackson! I am a 6 year old black Dachshund. You will find me in our photo nonchalantly placed between my brother Wrigley, a 7 year Weenie, and my sister Bella, a 4 year old Labrador. All three of us are rescue dogs and are the best pack that any family, daycare or neighborhood could ask for! I, Jackson, decreed that I speak on behalf of my siblings because my brother talks too much and my sister speaks only with her giant cartoon eyes. I often roll my eyes at my siblings because they just don’t appreciate me as they should. Wrigley just sings and sighs and moans all day long; I can hardly fit a word in edgewise! To my standards, Bella is rarely “under control”, so as a big brother I must step in and get her back on the right track; which is really me just telling her what to do. Here’s the thing, I think that look cool when I tell her what to do, but she rarely listens to me. Sometimes she even just runs me over… little sisters, I tell ya! We are a family that LOVES to snuggle! My favorite thing to do is to play fetch with my orange rubber ball! My bro enjoys being warm, but hates wearing his coats; that is how he got the nickname Wiggly Wrigley. Bella loves everything and everyone, especially fetch! I love when the counselors toss Bella’s ball into the pool and she falls in, or at least appears to fall in. Do labs like water? Bella will stay in the pool until she gets her ball back out and will present it to the counselors over and over again, but they always throw it back in the pool; I wonder if they don’t like her. It’s probably because the humans just want all of the Jackson and Wrigley time. I mean who doesn’t? Well looks like I gotta go round up my crew! See ya later folks!

Congratulations Wrigley, Jackson and Bella! As Campers of the Month, you will receive a free day of daycare and each a Diggity Dog Ice Cream Sandwich!

Greg Altman's qualifications and experience include:

  • Certification from the Volhard Training School for Dogs in Syracuse, NY.
  • Assisted in training at the Badger Kennel Club
  • Trainer for Dog's Best Friend for 2 years.
  • Dog Day Care manager and private trainer at Camp K-9 for 2 years.
  • Certified in Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation for animals through the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts.
  • Certified in pet first aide through the American Red Cross.
  • Has achieved a wide variety of American Kennel Club and Herding titles through the years with his dogs.
  • Has had several of his dogs certified by Therapy Dog International and visits nursing homes with them.
greg finley


Read more about our staff members below, who are all posing with customer dogs in their photos.

megan willow

Megan, Operations Manager - “I enjoy nearly every aspect of working here. The dogs are always happy to come play and happy to go home to their humans. Not a day goes by that I don’t enjoy what I do. I love to hear people tell me they can see how all the staff, including myself, absolutely loves what ‘they’ do. Working with the dogs each day reminds us that we don’t do this just for the dogs, but their owners. Everyone should get the opportunity to let their dog play and stay at a place that makes both humans and animals feel like they have a second home or a safe haven for their 4 legged family members. I have always known I have wanted to work with animals. I have a middle aged chocolate lab, named Gunner, who attends daycare here, even with having had surgery on both legs. I have enjoyed learning about the processes of the surgeries and the exercises during the recovery stages. I have attended UW-Madison Small Business Development Center for their Leadership Series and their other small business classes. My boyfriend is a chef in Madison, but my favorite food is frozen pizza! In my free time I enjoy animal sitting, bad SiFi movies and reading leadership and mentor books.” (Megan has been with Lucky Dog since 2011.)

justin annie

Justin - “If I had a tail, mine would always be wagging here! There are no bad days here because the dogs always make me feel better. I lived overseas in Asia for 8 years and graduated in Pusan, South Korea in a graduating class of 11! In my free time I like to antique shop, watch cartoons and eat food! I am young at heart and love anything that makes other people laugh. I have been known to paint my face and relax in the yard with the dogs.” (Justin has been with Lucky Dog since 2014.)

kylie whiskey

Kylie - “I love to cuddle and play with all the dogs. When it is hot outside I will hop in the pool with them! I am drawing all the time and mainly it is of dogs. You will find my ‘doodles’ all around Lucky Dog. I currently have a leopard gecko (Smudge), a corn snake (Candy), and a rescued Chihuahua mix (Rose). I attended school for Graphic Design and then decided I enjoyed Illustration more, and I hope to someday go back to finish.” (Kylie has been with Lucky Dog since 2014.)

helaina alfalfa

Helaina - “I enjoy learning all of the dog’s personalities, playing fetch and giving out belly rubs. Outside of work I like learning about chemistry and zoology. I am currently attending school for my Veterinary Technician degree. I have a 10 year old beagle named Rodney and a 19 year old cat name Stashu. A couple other fun facts about me are that I have a black belt in karate and I am the eldest of 6!”(Helaina has been with Lucky Dog since 2015.)

emily tank

Emily - “I love playing with the dogs and practicing tricks with them. It makes me happy when they are excited to see me and it amazes me that they begin to recognize us! I am currently learning grooming through an apprenticeship. I have 4 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 birds of my own! Outside of work I enjoy reading, watching movies and science fiction shows.” (Emily has been with Lucky Dog since 2015.)

cindy vic

Cindy - (Cindy has been with Lucky Dog since 2010.)

cindy vic

Carley - (Carley has been with Lucky Dog since 2014.)

2855 Capital Dr Sun Prairie, WI 53590 608-249-5892Fax: 608-241-5958info@luckydog-daycare.com