Going away for a day or two?  Maybe even more.  Though you love your dog, they cannot always go with you when you travel.  Where can you have your dog stay that will allow your dog to be safe, enjoy themselves and give you the peace of mind knowing that your best friend is being taken care of?

Lucky Dog Daycare welcomes your furry friends to join us overnight and during the day.  We will care for, feed, play with and keep your dogs happy.  We promise they will still miss you and will have a fast wagging tail for you when you return.

Boarding Pricing:

1 dog family: $50.00

2 dog family: $75.00

3 dog family: $105.00

What's Included with Boarding?

  • Daycare 
  • Medication Disbursement 
  • Meals Served
  • Snacks Served
Plus FREE Bath after 5 consecutive nights
and FREE "The Works" Package after 10 consecutive nights