Sun Prairie's Premiere Place for Dogs

Greg Altman founded Lucky Dog Daycare in 1998, with a handful of dogs and a dream: give our furry friends something to bark about during the day while their owners are at work. Today, that dream has become a reality and then some. With approximately 40 campers each day, Lucky Dog Daycare has become Madison, Wisconsin's premiere place for dogs to socialize, exercise, and basically have good old-fashioned fun. Lucky Dog's staff of counselors is committed to providing a safe, supervised, and (most of all!) stimulating environment for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. In addition, Lucky Dog Daycare makes an ever-growing list of services (from conveniences such as nail-trimming up to fun stuff like treats and training!) available to their campers.



Greg Altman, Owner

Qualifications and experience include:

  • Certification from the Volhard Training School for Dogs in Syracuse, NY.
  • Assisted in training at the Badger Kennel Club
  • Trainer for Dog’s Best Friend for 2 years.
  • Dog Day Care manager and private trainer at Camp K-9 for 2 years.
  • Certified in Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation for animals through the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts.
  • Certified in pet first aide through the American Red Cross.
  • Has achieved a wide variety of American Kennel Club and Herding titles through the years with his dogs.
  • Has had several of his dogs certified by Therapy Dog International and visits nursing homes with them.

Megan, Operations Manager

“I enjoy nearly every aspect of working here. Not a day goes by that I don’t enjoy what I do. I love to hear people tell me they can see how all the staff, including myself, absolutely loves what ‘they’ do. Working with the dogs each day reminds us that we don’t do this just for the dogs, but their owners. Everyone should get the opportunity to let their dog play and stay at a place that makes both humans and animals feel like they have a second home or a safe haven for their doggie family members. My past and current dogs have all had the luxury of joining for daycare at Lucky Dog, and it truly is a treat to have your canine family as tuckered out as you after a long day! I have attended UW-Madison Small Business Development Center for their Leadership Series and their other small business classes. In my free time I enjoy eating anything that I did not have to make myself, animal sitting, very long walks with my dog, and bad SiFi movies.” (Megan has been with Lucky Dog since July 2011. She is pictured with client dog, Willow.)


The dogs quirky personalities are what Laura enjoys most about the dogs here.  She loves making bubbles for the dogs to catch and chase as well as helping new dogs get comfortable.  Laura loves quality cuddle time with the dogs and happens to love walks with her husky mix. (Laura has been with Lucky Dog since the spring of 2017. She is pictured with client dog, Kona.)


“I love to cuddle and play with all the dogs. When it is hot outside I will hop in the pool with them! I am drawing all the time and mainly it is of dogs. You will find my ‘doodles’ all around Lucky Dog. I currently have a leopard gecko (Smudge), a corn snake (Candy), and a rescued Chihuahua mix (Rose). I attended school for Graphic Design and then decided I enjoyed illustration more, and I hope to someday go back to finish.” (Kylie has been with Lucky Dog since 2014.)


“Even on your worst days, the dogs still manage to put a smile on your face!”  Niki makes it a goal to interact with every single dog each time she works.  She loves the outdoors and is a trained photographer.  You can tell Niki is behind many of the Lucky Dog social media posts.


Brittney is a dog lover, through and through.  She would have five dogs if her husband would agree to it.  She loves cuddling and making each and every dog feel loved.  The personalities of each dog make Brittney smile.  She also happens to be a professional ballroom dancer.  “Lucky Dog rules!” (Brittney has been with Lucky Dog since January of 2017. She is pictured with client dog, Vinnie.)


Julie is a recent graduate of MATC and loves the super cute dogs that play at Lucky Dog Daycare.  She loves working with the team, cuddling with the dogs as well as meeting new dogs that join us.  She enjoys acting, reading and spending time with her two pets. (Julie has been a part of the Lucky Dog team since February 2017! Julie is pictured with client dog, George.)


More info on Sarah coming soon!! (Sarah has been a Lucky Dogger since June 2017. She is pictured with client dog, Wrigley.)


I’m new! More info about me soon!! (Mercedes joined Lucky Dog in June 2018!)


Bio and photo for Deanna coming soon! (Deanna joined the Lucky Dog team in May 2018.)


I’m Nicole! Stop back to the webpage soon to learn more about me! (Nicole joined Lucky Dog in September 2018!)